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Canadian University of Dubai, Where Education meets Experience

(Text: Allen Caesar; picture: El Correo) Dubai, famous for its fast cars, luxurious hotels, lavish lifestyle, rich food, and a fusion of cultures l

Administrador | 24 de Octubre de 2013

(Text: Allen Caesar; picture: El Correo) Dubai, famous for its fast cars, luxurious hotels, lavish lifestyle, rich food, and a fusion of cultures like no other, makes it a popular choice for many around the world to visit or reside. The Middle East is normally noted for its harsh weather, political conflicts and strict rules; Dubai seems like an oasis in a desert that is unforgiving. Education in Dubai is overshadowed by lifestyle, but there are numerous institutions which offer unprecedented academics in the region. The Canadian University of Dubai (CUD) was founded in 2006.

Even though it may be a latecomer to the list of International Universities available in the region, CUD packs in punch at what the other universities fail to establish; a sense of community. Here at CUD, the student plays a pivotal role, focused on the success of the student; the university creates an atmosphere where the student has opportunities to experience the things to come after graduation. CUD has ties with many establishments that exist in this region.

Events are held on regular basis where students can meet with industrial professionals, besides entrepreneurs, and experience first-hand information as to what can be expected in the workplace. Also, the ties CUD has with a number of reputed and leading companies make it the perfect platform where students are able to jump start their professional life. CUD has introduced many guest lecturers to share their experience and give opportunities to students to enable them to interact and develop new ideas and strategies. New thoughts and approaches are always greeted with open minds and helpful feedback. Originality and creativity are highly acknowledged by the faculty in CUD.

Extra-curricular activities are held regularly. Dragon Boating, Career Workshop, Breast Cancer Awareness Program, Talent Night, Desert Safari, etc., are only a few to mention. These types of events allow students and faculty to mix in a leisure and friendly environment which promotes fellowship and a sense of community. Athletic activities, viz., Basketball, Football, Tennis, Cricket, etc., are available to students. Tournaments are held regularly with other universities and CUD has seen its fair share of victories.


CUD offers top grade Canadian syllabus education in the fields of Science, Technology, Architecture, Business and Liberal Arts. The Environmental Sciences program allows students to be prepared and face challenges with the growing environment and health concerns. When it comes to Communication Studies, CUD allows students freely to interact with many leading media companies. This goes a long way to those craving to have successful careers in Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, etc. The MBA program is considered one of the best in the region. The six specializations offered in this course ensure the students to achieve their career and administrative goals. With Professors who have worked and taught in the USA, Canada or Europe, students are able to receive insights on work tactics and management strategies practised around the globe. An added bonus, the course timings offered by CUD, make it convenient for those who work and study part time.

A “Portal to Canadian Education”- with strong ties to most Universities in Canada, CUD is an excellent gateway for those who opt to study in Canada. Normally transfer is a rigorous and strenuous process; but through CUD, access to Canadian Universities is not only easy but also option for students either to stay for only one or two semesters or, to complete the remainder of the course in Canada exists.

The Canadian University of Dubai has been proving to be one of the best Universities in the U.A.E and the Middle East. Student satisfaction being their main motto, CUD truly inspires minds and transforms liv


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