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Do you know why foreigners come to Dubai for work?

(By: Sunny Timothy Kiri) One of the key reason why a lot of foreigners come to Dubai for work, is due to the tax free law

Administrador | 19 de Octubre de 2013

(By: Sunny Timothy Kiri) One of the key reason why a lot of foreigners come to Dubai for work, is due to the tax free law by the government, and easy to get visa policy.

Thousand of tourists visiting the country for shopping, and other activities like doing business. People from Europe and other part of the world are in Dubai because there is tax free policy by the government. I met with one British professor in Canadian University of Dubai, and I asked him why he decided to come to Dubai for work. He said the salary here is better than what they will pay him in his own country, and he said there is no tax for him to pay. Another thing that he said is about the visa policy by the government: "it is very fast for you to get visa to Dubai".

I also asked him what does he see about different foreign universities in the UAE.

"I think it is better for the country’s economy and that of the schools also it create more employment opportunities for those in Dubai", he said.

I met also a lot of African student’s in Dubai and I asked then why coming to Dubai for schooling. They said schools in Dubai are also the same standard than in the west, and it is easy for them to get visa to Dubai for studies.

Some of the parent that I interviewed said they like Dubai because there is morals standard in Dubai than western world, where by you send your children to study abroad when he or she come back with bad behaviour that is not accepted in the society.

In my findings Dubai is peaceful no street crime and other. These are the reasons people like to visit Dubai more than any other GCC country in the Middle East.



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